The Fog over Dublin City

View of Dublin and the bay from Three Rock Mountain as the fog rolls in after the sun goes down.

The Fog Swallows Dublin

There are not many more beautiful sights of Dublin and the bay then the view from Three Rock Mountain, it is a must see after the sun goes down. This picture was taken on Easter Sunday, some friends and I had gone on a trek for the day and I wanted to take some pictures after dark (there are a few more before dark, I'm sure one or two will arrive here eventually) it was quite a misty day until we reached a certain height up near Two Rock but before the sunset it cleared quite quickly and we all took in the amazing views.
As we made our way back down towards Three Rock in the darkness some of the lights around Howth started to fade, I chose my favoured position and set up my camera to take some shots, a few minutes later what looked like a wave on a beach started to cover Dublin, as you can see in the picture what was a little mist turned into a blanket of thick fog, in the high resolution print of this image you can clearly see the Dundrum Luas bridge moments before it was covered.
I've seen some lovely pictures people have taken of Dublin that night, and they are all in probably in there somewhere under that blanket...

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