The original Cherry Blossom tunnel in Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin as the sun lights up the canopy in 2015.

Cherry Blossom - Herbert Park

I was browsing through Facebook when I saw a picture of a friend and her dog in Herbert Park, I remembered just how many cherry blossoms there were in the park, I had a quick scout that summer evening in 2015 noticing that every tree had a little poem about the trees pinned to it by some local school children, a gentle wind blew creating some cherry blossom snow showers (featured in another picture of mine) I picked my place and low angle for the shot but I wanted to wait till the next day when the timing was right for the sun to light up the canopy, the next day the sun did oblige.

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  • Print Gallery: Dublin Prints
  • Location: Herbert Park
  • Edition: Open