Poolbeg Chimneys Prints

The Poolbeg Chimneys are an iconic Dublin landmark, over the years they have been a beacon from air, sea and land for people finding their way home.

These are some of the pictures I have taken of them over the last decade. In summer, autumn, winter and spring from sunrise to moonrise the chimneys always have something different, and they look wonderful in print and hanging as wall art in a home or office setting.

Poolbeg Towers reflecting a colourful Summer dawn sky in Dublin Bay.

Poolbeg Towers - Summer Dawn Reflections

The summer sky lights up in a beautiful rainbow of colour accentuated by the dawn light.

Poolbeg Chimneys with the Full Moon rising between them from Sandymount Strand.

Full Moon between the Poolbeg Chimneys

One of the iconic Poolbeg moon prints taken in 2019.

The Poolbeg Chimneys and Sandymount Strand are lit up by lightning as a thunderstorm passes through Dublin..

Poolbeg Chimneys Lightning Print

The Poolbeg Chimneys and Sandymount Strand are lit up by lightning as a thunderstorm passes through Dublin.

The Poolbeg Chimneys and Dublin Bay from Three Rock Mountain just before sunrise on a Spring morning.

Poolbeg Chimneys - Before the Sunrise

Poolbeg Chimneys viewed from Three Rock Mountain just before sunrise on a crisp Spring morning.

Symmetrical silhouettes from Sandymount Strand of the Poolbeg Chimneys at dawn.

Symmetrical Silhouettes on Sandymount Strand

Silhouettes of the Chimneys stand tall in the bright glowing colours of daybreak as the sky blends into the fading crisp dark blue of night.

The sun setting over Dublin Bay from Dun Laoghaire pier

Sunset over Dublin Bay

The sun setting over Dublin on the longest day of the year from Dun Laoghaire pier.

Poolbeg Chimneys reflecting in calm waters at blue hour.

Blue Hour at the Poolbeg Chimneys

A calm morning at blue hour on Dublin Bay, the wind had stilled as the clouds were breaking.

Dublin Towers silhouette at dawn with a colourful sky and reflecting in the sea at Sandymount Strand.

Dawn Silhouette of the Dublin Towers

The Towers reflecting on the peaceful waters of Sandymount Strand on a beautiful spring morning.

A heavy spring storm moves over one half of Dublin Bay with blue skies on the other side above the Poolbeg Chimneys.

Two Sides of Spring in Dublin Bay

A line of hail and sunshine divides the sky as a spring storm rolls through the bay in this Limited Edition print.

The full moon rising between the Poolbeg Chimneys in January 2014.

The Moon between the Poolbeg Chimneys

The original and iconic Poolbeg Chimneys Full Moon picture, limited edition prints available.

A calm winter evening while the tide is in on Sandymount Strand.

Winter calm on Sandymount Strand

A late winter evening on Sandymount Strand after a storm had passed and the calm waters reflect the lights.

The Stacks reflecting on Pigeon House Road

The Stacks Print

The bright red candy stripes is a nod back to a different time and a view many would see everyday on the road to work in the generating station.

A crisp January morning as the full moon sets across Dublin bay beside the iconic Poolbeg Chimneys at sunrise.

The Full Moon Setting Print

A crisp January morning as the full moon sets across Dublin bay beside the iconic Poolbeg Chimneys at sunrise.

A perfect colourful reflection of the Poolbeg Chimneys on Dublin Bay at Sunrise.

Reflection Perfection at Sunrise - Poolbeg Chimneys

Hardly a breeze in the air at sunrise, a glorious morning to take a walk and some pictures along Sandymount Strand.

Across Dublin Bay towards The Pigeonhouse as the sky turns from orange to blue at sundown.

Sundown across Dublin Bay

A bright orange glow in the sky as a beautiful day started moving to night across Dublin.

Poolbeg Chimneys colourfully reflecting in the water just after sunset on Sandymount Strand.

Poolbeg Chimney Reflections at Dusk

A midsummer evening on Sandymount strand as the tide crept in just after sunset.

A calm December evening on Sandymount strand, as the Dublin Towers reflect in Dublin Bay.

The Dublin Towers at Dusk

The Towers reflect in Dublin Bay and the lights from Poolbeg peninsula sparkle over a still high tide.

A Spring storm above Dublin bay in a balck and white print.

Spring Storm over Dublin Bay

A storm of hail and rain falls while passing through on a spring day of every season in the capital.

The sun rising between the Poolbeg Chimneys and reflections on the tide in Sandymount Beach

Sunrise between the Poolbeg Chimneys

High tide and golden reflections for the sunrise between the Poolbeg Chimneys.

The moonrise in the middle of the Poolbeg Towers.

Poolbeg Towers Moonrise

The moonrise breaking through the clouds between the Poolbeg Towers.

Dublin Bay in black and white on a calm evening.

Calm Reflections on Dublin Bay

Looking from Dun Laoghaire west pier across Dublin bay in balck and white.

The Moonrise above the Poolbeg Chimneys from Grand Canal Dock and reflecting in the water.

Moonrise above the Poolbeg Chimneys

The iconic Dublin Towers reflect in the calm water in a photo from Grand Canal Dock.

A storm rolls in over Poolbeg peninsula.

Storm above Poolbeg Peninsula

Looking across the bay from Blackrock as a Spring afternoon is broken in half between the sunny skies and wintry hail as a storm rolls over.

A silhouette at dawn on Sandymount Strand looking towards the Chimneys.

Dawn Silhouette of the Chimneys from Sandymount Strand

An early May morning as the tide lay still and the dark blue of night turns to the orange glow of a new day.

Dublin Towers reflecting brightly on the waters of Sandymount Strand.

Dublin Towers Bright Reflections

A frosty calm winter morning looking out from Sandymount Strand towards the Dublin Towers just after sunrise.

A winter fog at the Poolbeg Towers in Dublin.

Fog at the Poolbeg Towers

The fog floods into Dublin Bay and engulfs the Towers at dusk in this winter print.

Foggy weather at Poolbeg Chimneys.

The Fog rolls in around Poolbeg Chimneys

Fog wrapping around the base of the Poolbeg chimneys as it rolled in from Dublin bay.

A cloudy sunset behind the Pigeon House in Dublin viewed from The Great South Wall.

Pigeon House Dublin - Cloudy Sunset

Looking back from the Great South Wall towards the Pigeon House and Dublin city as the sun set.

The Pigeon House in Dublin as the Full Moon rises.

Pigeon House Print - Full Moon

Hardly a cloud in the sky as the moon appeared from beneath the Poolbeg power station rising slowly between the iconic Chimneys.

The sun rising on a cold calm winters day illuminating the Pigeon House in Dublin.

Winter Sunrise at the Pigeon House

The sunrise illuminates the Pigeon House Chimneys as the low winter sun lights up the sky.

South Dublin and Dun Laoghaire panoramic limited edition - viewed from Dalkey Hill just after Sunset

After the Sunset

A beautiful view from Dalkey Hill looking across Dun Laoghaire and out over Dublin Bay.

a very wide panoramic view of the sun rising over dublin bay while reflecting in the water

Panoramic Sunrise on Sandymount Strand

A limited Edition panoramic print of The Poolbeg Chimneys and the surise.

A panoramic dawn silhouette of Sandymount Strand and the Poolbeg Towers

Dawn Silhouette on Sandymount Strand

Limited Edition panoramic print of dawn silhouettes cast across the calm waters of Sandymount Strand.

The sunrising between the Dublin Chimneys and reflecting in the water.

The Sun between The Dublin Chimneys

A beautiful June morning as the bright rising sun turned the iconic Stacks into a silhouette in the summer sky.

The lunar eclipse dimmed through the mist sits between the Dublin Towers at Poolbeg.

Lunar Eclipse between the Chimneys

The super blood moon lunar eclipse breaking through the cloud between the famous candy striped stacks.

Standing over 207 metres tall above Dublin Bay "The Stacks" can be seen from far beyond the county limits and have a place in Ireland's heart. From one door to the next these towers go by various names, from the original Pigeon House to Dublin Towers to Candy Striped Stacks and Grandad's Chimneys, many people have different names for the two red and white towers that watch over Dublin and it's people.