Poolbeg Chimneys on a midsummer evening on Sandymount strand as the reflective tide crept in after sunset.

Poolbeg Chimneys Reflections at Dusk

A midsummer evening on Sandymount strand as the tide crept in just after sunset and a warm glow cast over the Poolbeg Chimneys, the once bright blue sky was fading and the lights of the two towers began to noticeably flicker.
The wind grew still and reflections of the Poolbeg Towers bounced off the calm waters of the strand as night approached.

In the time since I arrived the beach had grown silent, what was a busy sunny summer day along the strand had turned into a hushed sleepy silent dusk, there was still a warmth in the air and the only sound was the trickle of the incoming tide rolling through the ripples in the sand around my feet.
This was a moment to savour.

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  • Print Gallery: Poolbeg Chimneys
  • Location: Sandymount Strand
  • Edition: Open
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