The super blood moon lunar eclipse breaks through the cloud and between the Chimneys on a misty Dublin night.

Lunar Eclipse between the Chimneys

The super blood moon lunar eclipse breaking through the cloud between the Chimneys.

On a misty Dublin night (or morning) as the eclipse dissapeared under cloud and mist I tracked the moon across the Shelly Banks knowing there was a chance of a break, it might be brief and the mist rising from the incoming tide wouldn't help but it is very rare to be able to catch an eclipsed moon falling between such an iconic landmark so I had to try, I knew it would.

As some cloud cleared a light in the sky appeared trying to glow throught the mist, the eclipsed moon gave one final encore before disappearing behind the blanket. I Didn't look at this picture straight away as the eclipse began to end, I went for the earlier shots when the sky was still clear on the east coast, but when I looked at it properly a few days later it really caught my eye, there was something mystical and raw about the picture.

After sending the image out some time later I was told by an editor "It would have been the cover photo" for their astronomy magazine. Instead it's a beautiful piece of wall art for your home!

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