The Full Moon starts to rise between the Pigeon House Chimneys on a crisp clear autumn evening.

Molly's Cottage, Black Valley

Deep in The Black Valley the first snow of autumn falls along the Macgillycuddy's Reeks above Molly's cottage as the sun starts to go down in County Kerry.

Standing in one of the most remote places in Ireland, drinking in the peace and tranquility of the untamed landscape is the perfect place to get away from it all. I highly recommend a trip to the Black Valley and the picturesque trip through it to Molly's Cottage, as you venture along the single track road moving deeper into the valley the mountains climb and the phone signal falls, passing Cummeenduff Lough the green road begins to wind and climb towards the Kerry Way walk and the iconic abandoned cottage.

This valley is famous for being the last place in Ireland to have electricity and telephone installed in 1976 and it feels like not much has changed since then in this beautiful unspoilt landscape.

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